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As Brand Ambassador with 2+ years' experience on WMU campus, creating awareness, promoting and representing Dell products, conducting brand building exercises.
Well versed in competition's product features to give a comparative analysis and promote the brand I represent

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It doesn’t matter how great your product or service
is if your copy does not captivate your audience.

My mantra is simple for any product. I apply these steps,


I conduct a systematic investigation to understand and gather facts


Note down everything in a layered & systematic way


A plan to convert all Research into viable action


Share my work to clients and showcase the way I reached upon the solution



As a Brand Ambassador and Social Media Marketing Strategist, I have worked for a range of high-value clients such as Dell and Samsung. I have built key relationships with marketing teams and senior stakeholders in implementing products which enhance user engagement and drive traffic.
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2020 to 2021 | DELL Technologies

Marketing Coordinator

Represent Dell in campus to fellow students and act as a bridge between them and the company

2016 - 2019 | 2020 Companies

Marketing Strategist

Tasked to American Axle as heavy machine operator, duties involved install their machines, operate them to aid in plant processes, and perform routine maintenance checks.

2013-2015 | American Axel


Tasked with assigning day-to-day roles, duties and area of work to fellow team mates and manage their overall activities

2011 | School Club

Team Co-ordinator

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It doesn’t matter how great your product or service
is if your copy does not captivate your audience.



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